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Downsize shared disk on SAN.

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Downsize shared disk on SAN.

Hi everyone,

We have a 2 node Cluster on Windows 2003 Server,one Virtual SQL Server instance(Default).
We want to install another Virtual SQL Server instance(Named).
The existing Virtual SQL Server uses a 133 GB shared disk on SAN (drive R:).
On the R: drive we only have SQL Server data files and backups,no program files,no operating system files.
There is no unused space on the SAN. We want to use 15 GB of the current shared disk for a new shared disk resource for the second Virtual SQL Server.
I was told that the 133 GB shared disk area can't be downsized - the existing shared disk will have to be deleted, then 2 new shared disks will be created.
Is it possible to do it without uninstalling the existing Virtual SQL Server ?.

Can I do the following(It probably will not work):

1.Backup all files on drive R:
2.Stop the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent on both nodes and set their Start Type to Disabled,then shut down both nodes.
3.Delete existing shared disk on SAN.
4.Create 2 new shared disks for both SQL Server nodes - 118 and 15 GB respectively.
5.Format the 118 GB and assign drive letter R:
6.Restore all files backed up in step 1.
7.Set SQL Server and SQL Server Agent's Start Type to Manual on both nodes.

Any help will be appreciated.