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HP P2000 G3 MSA, can't login and reset

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HP P2000 G3 MSA, can't login and reset


We received a HP P2000 G3 MSA with a BK829A controller, which seems, can't be reset. We have had them before and then it was no problem at all, but if you can't login, you can't reset the system. 
We tried the following solutions:

- On the CLI interface / console: the hidden accounts and passwords. 
- On the CLI interface / console: the login using the S/N.
- CMOS battery removal for a day

Non of these solutions have payed off, it just keeps saying login incorrect. 

I quess a second controller might do the job (while running the second controller, putting the first one in so that one get's the settings from controller two). Searching for a controller, but haven't found one yet. 

Does anyone have an other clue or solution? 
Thanks in advance! 


Re: HP P2000 G3 MSA, can't login and reset

Dear Mark,

Please follow the below steps to reset the password:
Note: You must use the provided USB serial cable during this process!!

1. Stop I/O
2. Shutdown both controllers (ex. cli â?? â??shutdown bothâ?)
3. Power off the chassis
4. Remove the A controller and write down the serial number located on top (should be a DHSxxx number).
5. Using the last 6 digits of the controller serial number, create the Password serial number.
Example: Controller Serial Number: DHSISHU0944DA42EF
Password serial number 00C0FFDA42EF(00C0ff plus last 6 digits of the controller serial number)
6. Insert the A controller and power the array up.
7. Using the password serial number: Once you have the serial number, simply log into the MC CLI on the USB serial port with the following credentials: login: restoredefaults password: < Password serial number >

IMPORTANT: The serial number you type in MUST BE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Although it may display in lower case (as it does above in this example), you must convert it into upper case. On reboot the user passwords will now be at the default values. (manage/!manage). You will probably loose communication to the USB connection so just log back in.


Ashraf Khan
I work for HPE

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Re: HP P2000 G3 MSA, can't login and reset

I have already tried this solution.. but it won't work... 

Since this post was created, an engineer has looked into it, he thinks it's only solvable with a firmware upgrade.