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cannot login from any interface


cannot login from any interface

Hi Folks,

I have an MSA 2040 to which i cannot login to at all. 

The Web Gui will not load (page not found)

Telnet/SSH/Console direct will get me to a login prompt.  When I enter a valid username/password I get the following error


I tried an incvalid username/password and it returns an expected username/password is incorrect.  So I know the credentials i have are good.  What can I do to regain access?


Re: cannot login from any interface


Have you tried to reboot the MSA. Power cycle it and check it?

But before doing that. Make sure there is IO going to MSA.

Hope you are using correct user name and password. Or contact HP to reset the password. If it reports invalid.

I am a HPE Employee

Re: cannot login from any interface

I'm pretty confident that the username/password is correct.  I don't get a result of a bad username/password, but do so when I use a known bad password.  I'm assuming you mean to say "make sure there is NO IO going to the MSA" prior to power cycling.  There is a brief window of opportunity to preform a full shutdown of systems during the holiday break.  

Systems are functional now for data usage, so I'm a bit nervous about the potential of the system not booting up correctly after a power cycle.  If anyone else see's this and has any possible alternative (less intrusive) ideas, that would be great.

Without having any access to the system, is the only method of power cycling going to be:

1.  shut down vm's 

2. shut down esx host

3. unplug MSA, wait a couple minutes

reverse to bring it all backup.