RCC - TFTP Boot Image Problems

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RCC - TFTP Boot Image Problems

I am running a Remote Control Card on a HP LXR 8500. When I go to the IP address in IE.6 it just loads a gray screen that says "Loading TopTools Remote Control... " and never changes. The machine is running Linux Redhat 8.0 OS. I have the TFTP server set up but I do not have a boot image for the RCC to download. I imagine this is the problem? How can I get obtain a boot image? Is it part of the Toptools download?
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Re: RCC - TFTP Boot Image Problems

if you try to connect with a brouser a TTRCC, you have to get the grafical image of it, in fact inside you there is a HTML server.
try to contact it trought another workstation, may be you have some trouble with IE components.
the Os that is running on the server have nothing to do with the output of the TTRCC.
Also the image for TFTP boot, is not need to contact a TTRCC card via TcpIp connection