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HPE Pointnext: Leading Digital Transformation for Customers

Earlier businesses used to rely on technology. Now technology is business, and IT experience is the customer experience. Navigating and harnessing digital transformation is how to get ahead. HPE Pointnext is an innovative IT services organization that helps modernize legacy infrastructure to drive rapid digital change across the enterprise. Launched one year ago, HPE Pointnext was designed to help customers address questions about IT consumption in the era of digital transformation.


Consume what you want

It is critical that companies – across all industries and geographies - digitize to optimize core operations, innovate new products, services and deliver better experiences quickly. Otherwise, they run the risk of being disrupted and left behind by competitors. HPE Pointnext offers a range of innovative IT services that make Hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge.


Moreover, the key innovation has been HPE GreenLake, which was introduced at Discover Madrid last November. It is a suite of pay-per-use solutions available for top customer workloads – among them, big data, backup, open database, SAP HANA and edge computing. HPE GreenLake consumption-based solutions deliver quick outcomes in the data center or on the Edge, in a pay-per-use model. We are living in a consumption-based world - video, music, games and many more and consuming services not only deliver a better outcome but also it is cost effective.


HPE Pointnext Benefits

HPE Pointnext is a services organization built for the future to help customers optimize and leverage the ideal technologies, partners and operational foundations needed to accelerate their digital journey all while providing a seamless customer experience. Built on the heritage of services leadership, HPE Pointnext invests and focuses in the following areas:


Optimise infrastructure

Establish the right mix of optimized infrastructure solutions, edge to core, for current and future apps and data with advisory and design services, from implementation through daily support. For decades, HPE’s core strength has rooted in infrastructure. Specifically, how to design, integrate and support solutions that perform and scale to meet the unique demands of the apps and data that drive businesses.

Best-in-class partner ecosystem

Finding which technology and partner best solve unique problems and how to bring them together – to speed adoption of emerging technologies and to scale current environment, without creating new complexities and risk.


Simplify IT lifecycle

HPE Pointnext experts help customers go beyond the technical problem of digital transformation and address other aspects of culture, measurement, skills, change management as well as new approaches to funding and IT consumption options.


Accelerate innovation

HPE’s scalable approach is designed to deliver faster time to value for the customers, focusing on helping them build solid foundations in technology, process, and people to enable them to learn quickly and continuously improve.


How HPE can help if you are contemplating digital transformation

HPE has the expertise to help with the digital transformation. HPE’s heritage in infrastructure, partner ecosystems, the end-to-end lifecycle experience, and robust, scalable IT solutions from Hybrid IT to the Intelligent Edge help make change easy for you. The global HPE Pointnext team includes 25,000 IT experts spanning a range of disciplines, from transformation consulting to technical support.

For HPE, HPE Pointnext is a redefined and future-focused organization with a new approach to services. It is a way HPE can make a difference in customers’ businesses, beyond providing the software-defined infrastructure that they depend. With HPE Pointnext, HPE not only offers the necessary technology infrastructure and tools but also join the customers on their journeys to digital transformation.

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