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HPE at Waypoint 2018 - GE’s Intersection of Aviation, Digital, and Transformation

What a fantastic event it was at General Electric (GE) Aviation’s Waypoint 2018, a premier event dedicated to the intersection of aviation, digital and transformation held on February 25 - 28, 2018 in Dallas, TX. Waypoint is GE Aviation Digital's leading aviation industry user conference, focused on thought leadership, flight safety, and best practice sharing for professionals across the globe. 

This highly-regarded annual event had more than 400 senior aviation digital customers, military and aviation suppliers from across the globe – and offered a unique opportunity to raise awareness with thought leaders, as well as showcase solutions. The event was all about the latest aviation trends, industry best practices and case studies, and in-depth software demos including applications designed specifically for aviation.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM was a gold sponsor at the event. HPE together with GE Digital participated in the event showcasing how they are partnering to enable the next generation of digital solutions delivered at the Edge, in the Cloud (Public or Private), and everywhere in between. The partnership between GE Digital and HPE is another example of how industrial IoT solutions remain a market dominated by incumbents. While there are many innovative start-ups in the enterprise IoT space, the mission-critical nature of most industrial IoT solutions requires the resources and domain expertise of big enterprise companies like HPE or GE.  


HPE and GE have a 20+ year partnership, starting with GE Healthcare and Digital. Over the years, HPE and GE have expanded this partnership across multiple business units and different segments. On June 2016 at Discover, HPE and GE Digital announced a strategic agreement to unite cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies from HPE with GE’s industrial expertise and its Predix platform to bring digital know-how to the industry sector. Together, the two companies will enable industrial analytics from the edge to the cloud. This alliance offers a combination of HPE’s market-leading hardware with GE’s for the industry, by industry software to deliver a new suite of solutions for customers seeking to transform their businesses with real-time analytics and insights.   The most important part of the alliance will be to offer GE Predix solutions on premise in a private cloud, which provides customers with a cloud-like consumption model but with the benefits of the solution on premise at the end customer.      

Additionally, HPE OEM had a booth demonstrating real-time edge-driven analytics that integrates its results into a GE Predix cloud-based application driving further analytics, highlighting a true Hybrid IT use case.  The potential use of IT to solve major Big Data problems was discussed with significant business benefits. Given the complex challenges presented by the aviation industry, the ability to meet and resolve these challenges at the edge, in the cloud, or anywhere in between is a key differentiator achieved through the HPE and GE Digital partnership.


HPE and GE Digital: Accelerating Industrial IoT

Tripp Partain, CTO, Global Accounts, Industrial IoT Segment from HPE presented a breakout session on February 26th. This session dove deep into how HPE and GE Digital are partnering to deliver industrial IoT on premise and cloud based solutions, real-world customer examples, and how these solutions apply to the Aviation industry today. The HPE / GE IIoT session was well attended by various industry experts. The assembly discovered the power of industrial instrumented machines and the newest technology and digital solutions surrounding what powers the modern airline fleet. In this session, Tripp focussed on the opportunities for data capture, connectivity, and edge processing. Lastly, he mentioned the power of partnership and what it means to be HPE OEM’s partner in this exciting digital journey. GE Digital executives explained how their collaboration with HPE has allowed them to help their customers optimize their services around their industrial products and rethink their digital strategy for new types of offerings.

HPE & GE Digital Session with Tripp PartainHPE & GE Digital Session with Tripp Partain

The move to use big data in the airline industry is well underway. GE Aviation is well positioned to provide solutions that allow the industry to use this data, not just for one department like safety or fuel, but open up the use of data to improve all aspects of the airline’s efficiency. 

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