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Sidestep Assembly/Test Investments with HPE Factory Integration Services

With HPE Factory Integration services, our factory experts will deliver ready-to-deploy configurations tailored to your requirements.  Configurations are tested as a complete solution, and shipped directly to you or your customer.  You’ll avoid investing in system assembly, integration and testing facilities and staff, while freeing up capital for strategic priorities. And you’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with a pre-integrated, pre-tested solution backed by HPE’s trusted best practices and proven product quality.

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Improve Economics

As an OEM, HPE Factory Integration Services can help you:

  • Improve customer satisfaction – with reliable, tested configurations tailored to your requirements
  • Accelerate solution deployments – with fully integrated systems delivered straight from the HPE factory
  • Increase profitability – by avoiding costly system assembly, integration and testing processes
  • Gain a competitive edge – by freeing up technical resources for strategic business investments


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Pre-Integrated, Pre-Tested OEM Solutions Tailored to your Needs

HPE will build and validate integrated systems tailored to your specifications.  Our factory experts can:

  • Create server, storage and networking configurations customized to your requirements
  • Install custom software images and third-party hardware and software options
  • Rack, stack and cable your solution, with options for custom labeling and packaging
  • Configure software and system settings, and test the system to your specifications
  • Ship the fully integrated, ready-to-install system directly to you or your customer, and manage the logistics

Gain a Competitive Advantage with HPE Factory Integration Services

To learn more about how HPE Factory Integration Services can help you gain a leg up on the competition, contact your HPE Factory Integration sales representative today.

More details can also be found on the new HPE Factory Integration Services Partner Portal.


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