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In today's business environment, new ideas can quickly turn into new business opportunities. Start-ups rapidly become serious competitors, and existing businesses need to figure out how to innovate quickly, accelerating time to value. In these scenarios, it is vital for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Pointnext to deliver an excellent service experience to their customers. HPE has an excellent support capability in the world which OEM vendors trust. HPE Pointnext supports global OEMs with a unique program that enables central procurement of hardware and services, known as Cross-Border’s global services help a customer buy a product in one country, ship to another country, and HPE supports that process entirely.

OEM partners trust in HPE Pointnext’s vast knowledge, expertise, innovation and world-class services to achieve better results for their enterprise. OEMs can access and apply technology in new ways to optimize their operations – with our leading services. 


The HPE Advantage for OEMs

Direct access to HPE OEM Technical Support Line

The HPE OEM Technical Support Line is unique to HPE OEM partners and provides rapid access to product experts who can help quickly diagnose and resolve problems, with a single point of contact for both hardware and software support. As an OEM, customers receive .


Cross-Border purchase options and transfer of service

HPE Pointnext makes it easier to support multinational OEM partners that have customers in many different end countries.  Under this program, the services can be purchased centrally in one country, centrally invoiced, and then delivered in another country.


Cost-savings from built-in remote server diagnostics

Next-generation HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers feature built-in remote diagnostic capabilities that help save time and resources while improving customer satisfaction. HPE Gen10 Servers are key to infrastructure modernization, accelerating business insights across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public and private cloud. HPE’s Insight Remote Support delivers intelligent remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities that analyze trends, automatically dispatch repair services, and reduce problem resolution times. Insight online provides remote access to service and warranty information and efficiently manage customer entitlements and assets.


HPE provides a truly global service network of strategically located Customer Support Centres delivering 7x24, 365 days a year problem-solving help.. With 7 global call centers and over 600 part stocking locations, HPE and our vast HPE Authorized Delivery Partner echosystem have you covered around the world. 


A range of services for every need

HPE Pointnext offers both reactive and proactive services to provide support that can be tailored to help OEMs balance budget and expectations and keep solutions running optimally. HPE offers everything from basic hardware warranty to services that can support the OEM and OEM customer’s complete IT infrastructure. 


HPE’s Services from edge to core

Digital transformation services

In today’s fast-paced, hybrid IT world, being at business speed means overcoming IT complexity to match the speed of actions to the speed of opportunities. Deploy the right technology to respond to market possibilities design your digital transformation with expert IT consulting from HPE Pointnext.


Operational services

The HPE Operational Support Services experience will help manage the day-to-day IT operational tasks while also freeing up resources to help your business stay ahead of the competition.


IT consumption with HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake helps you deliver the business outcomes your business demands. The consumption-based IT solutions—designed, delivered, and operated by HPE Pointnext—with a simple, pay-as-you-go IT financial model, leveraging HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, the leader in pay-as-you-go consumption models.

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