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Auto Discovery Problem

Occasional Contributor

Auto Discovery Problem

I have written a C program to auto discover the elements in a network.
Basically i am broadcasting an ICMP(ECHO/ping) message on the network and collecting all the IP address from the reply of this ICMP message.

In this case I am able discover only Network devices like Routers and Switches and servers like Unix or Linux m/c. But not NT machines.
Could any one let me know why is it so and any other method to discover the elements in the network,

Yaniv Kalif_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Auto Discovery Problem

Hello Sreemivasa!

I'm not much of C language helper but still I got an Idea.
There is an HP product that called NNM network Node Manager that i'm working with.
This product among other things can discover network devices.
It is doing it by pinging the network and he can identify the devices by SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol).
The SNMP is the basic protocol for Network Management.

I suggest you will Install SNMP protocol on your NT machines, and try to operate the C script that you wrote.

Hope it could help.



You can send me the C script maybe I'll have a better idea.

Good Luck
Justin Fisher
Occasional Contributor

Re: Auto Discovery Problem

I did this once before and ended up writing a script that would read in the network number and would ping each host on the network 2 times (unicast)and record the results. The broadcast ping came back kind of intermittent with some hosts answering and others not. I would love to have a look at your script if you didn't mind.
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