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IE 5 won't connect

Travis McClellan
Frequent Advisor

IE 5 won't connect

I have a user running Windows NT SP4. She had been using IE with no problems up until 2 weeks ago. I checked all settings and made sure they were correct. A virus scan came up with nothing as well. I tried to re-install, but it can't find the servers from which to download it. I re-installed TCP/IP to see if that would help, no dice. Suggestions? Thanks
Gary Williams
Occasional Advisor

Re: IE 5 won't connect

There are many possibilities. Can you ping your dns server? Is there a proxy server? These two may be the key to your answer.
The line between you and the internet may be down. If those check out okay go into Microsoft's I.E. 5 tools menu. Choose Internet options, connections tab, is all the info correct there?
Abrar Hazarika
Frequent Advisor

Re: IE 5 won't connect


Check whether you can ping to your DNS server. What about the other services depended on the network like Oracle DB etc.

If these are available then something wrong with IE only. I think this could be proxy settings if you use a proxy server. Check in tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings, advanced options...

win98+ Win NT=0
Travis McClellan
Frequent Advisor

Re: IE 5 won't connect

Thanks for the suggestions. I can ping to the proxy server with no problems. I tried re-installing IE5 and TCP/IP and still no connection. Is there a way to clean IE completely off of the machine and start from scratch without rebuilding completely? Thanks for your help so far.
Regular Advisor

Re: IE 5 won't connect

Are you getting any type of error message, such as this page can not be displayed? Make sure the open with file type is set correctly for internet explorer. Are delete the file types for IE and it will automatically set to the correct file type. Can you use your email?
John Bolene
Honored Contributor

Re: IE 5 won't connect

Look at the bottom, does it say offline?

Fix this by going to file on the top menu and turning off working offline.

Thanks in advance for any points if this helped.
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Honored Contributor

Re: IE 5 won't connect

Hi Travis,

Other than checking wether the browser is set to offline you can check you lan setting in your browser. I don;t think the offline thing should be a problem, because if the browser is et to offline and you type and address and press enter, it will ask to wether you want to go online.

It may be your lan setting problem. Go to Tools --> Internet Options ---> Connections --> Lan Settings --> select the tab, use a proxy server to connect to internet (if you are using a proxy, which i think you do, since you mentioned something like that in your replies) Give the proxt server name or the ip address in the address bar and give the port no which can be 8000.

If this doesn't help, try to set your DNS server in the lancard configuration of your network connection. To do that Select Start --> Settings ---> Control Panel --> Network --> Configuration --> TCP/IP for your network adapter --> DNS configuration --> Enable DNS --> Add the ip address of your DNS Server.
Save the configuration , Reboot the box and try again.

Hope this helps.