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Installing Quickplay on dv6040

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Patrick Joseph_1
Occasional Visitor

Installing Quickplay on dv6040


I've just setup Winxp pro on my new dv6040 and now I have lost the quick play feature. I've contacted HP Canada about this and I’m told that there is now Quickplay CD on file for this product. I assume I have QP v2 since there is a 1GB partition on my drive for it. They must be a way to set this up and I’m one of you out there could push me in the right direction.

I'll continue to read other posts in the mean time.

Thanks in advance!!

Chris Coston
Occasional Advisor

Re: Installing Quickplay on dv6040

Here is a similiar resolution to the problem you are describing. Hope this helps.


What you need to do is download an image of the QuickPlay installation disc, about 450MB. HP never gives this with the computer. See my dv8305 installation guide for a link to download this, although the link may be dead by now. To install this you must only have one partition on your hard drive, and at least 1028mb of unallocated space, so delete your existing 1gb partition and leave it unallocated before installing.
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Patrick Joseph_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Installing Quickplay on dv6040

Chris, Thank you so much for the link, it was VERY helpful. I now have quick play running on my XP-PRO system.

If anyone needs any help on doing this for a dv6000 system, please let me know.

One important point to note is backup the \swsetup directory on your factory system. ALL the install files you need are there. (why the HP support person didn't tell me this is beyond me!!)
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Re: Installing Quickplay on dv6040

Dear Patrick, I've format my pre-install vista & fresh install a retail XP Pro in my notebook but i just can't get my quick play running. How do you manage to do that??