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Net Server LC2000

Neil Bradley_1
Occasional Contributor

Net Server LC2000

I would like to increase the throughput of this server. Teaming network cards has been suggested to me but Our existing support say that teaming would give me adapter fault tolerance and not more throughput. Am I wrong in thinking that this is not the case..

Any help!!!!
does it have to be plugged in?
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: Net Server LC2000


You're right: teaming can improve your network performance.
take a look at:
It shows you the capabilities of the D5013B card and driver.
You can configure multiple NIC's (Network Interface Cards) as Fault Tolerant: if one card fails, the other one takes over or as Load balancing: deviding the load on the cards or Fastethernet (2,3,4 100MB NICs combining together as 1 logical 200,300 or 400MB NIC).