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Pentium processor and AMD processor

Cheng Luo_1

Pentium processor and AMD processor

I know Pentium processor is always better than other brand, but recently heard it can be other way.

I saw a HP non-pentium processor laptop computer, labelled price is about 750USD (Tax is not included? How much it will be after tax?).

And My first laptop computer main problem is the keyboard, does someone can comment one keyboard? Is this a common problem with labtop computer?


Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: Pentium processor and AMD processor

The NX9005 and NX9015 are both AMD laptops and I do not find them any less then the Petium series,
Many AMD pc's boot faster then Intel PC's and a basic user would then work faster using windows based programs (like office)

ON tax pricing I can nto say much, but here the prices between AMD an Intel are almost nothing.

I do not find the keyboards of the NX series botherfull, exapt when you have to type long, but all laptops have that.
Futher there are so much extarnal keyboards on the market that you just have to look and see if you can try out some, and choose what you like most.
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chris malec
Frequent Advisor

Re: Pentium processor and AMD processor

As far as a processor goes for 750 US dollars anything in that range you can go by speed with either the Athlon Xp, Pentium 4, or Pentium mobility most other procesors tend to have some crippled processor with high speeds but lousy caches etc. i use my laptop with a USnb keybopard so I cant rally comment on the durability of the on esupplied