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closing programs

trina vertefeuille
Occasional Contributor

closing programs

when installing a program,a prompt tells you to close all open programs before
installing, I know to use ctl+alt+delete to see all open programs,and I
remember reading an article which stated to close all but I think 3 of the
programs, I dont remember which ones they were?????????which ones do I need to
leave running.??????
Paul Heffels_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: closing programs

Hi Trina,

It's important to know what OS you're talking about: W95/98 or NT. Since you're
talking about only 3 programs, I asume you're using W95/98.

What you would like to leave running are systray, explorer and loadwc. But
those programs are not the mean reason for that remark. You should at least
close all programs in the taskbar and make sure that you closed hidden bars
(like the MS shortcut bar) too. You should have much problems installing
software after that.