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compiling a text file

Henry Stark
Occasional Visitor

compiling a text file

I have sent my publisher a chapter in MS Word. Does the publisher need to "compile" this? My co-author sent the publisher a chapter in Latex. Does that need to be compiled? What is compiling a text file anyway? The texts have many equations. I have used the math that comes with MS Word.
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: compiling a text file

Why ask in an HP-UX forum?

Your publisher should just open the document in MS Word. She/he should see what you saw if your versions of word are similar enough.

Equations shouldn't matter. They should display fine.

As long as the publisher has some sort of Latex viewer, that should be fine as well.

No "compiling" should be necessary. It's a document, not a program.
Lucifer Megacruel
Valued Contributor

Re: compiling a text file

Hello Henry,

MS Word file need not be compiled. LaTex documents however can be complied with latex simple.tex ( generally on a unix box). You get a .dvi file and postscript .ps file as output.

--Lucifer Megacruel
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