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error starting program

Kari Zacharias
Occasional Visitor

error starting program

As soon as our windows starts up the error starting program box comes up and it
BR_SRVC.DLL file is linked to missing MFC42.DLL:6467

we are unable to use many programs because of this. They are, money2000,
quickenbasic and there are a few other ones that I can't remember.
We have a hp computer and the re-install disk but I have no idea how to just
re-install windows like one person suggested.

Can someone please help me????Step by step instructions would be greatly

Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: error starting program

Hello Kari,

This sounds like a common problem caused by installing applications that have
an older version of mfc42.dll. This file, mfc42.dll, is an essential Microsoft
library file and you will need to update it to the correct version. After
reinstalling the DLL, most of the time you have to reinstall any applications
that use the mfc42.dll, such as Money, etc. This could also cause you to
overwrite the file again if you don't track down which application is using an
out-of-date file.

My recommendation would be to update the Microsoft libraries and then test the
applications one at a time. If the app doesn't work after updating the dll,
try removing and reinstalling the app. If you attack this one app at a time
you can find out which one of your software packages has the "bad" file in it.

You can download the Microsoft libraries from the Microsoft website. Since you
didn't mention what OS and version you are running, you will need to go out to
Microsoft's web site and then go to the downloads area. You're searching for a
download called "Microsoft Libraries Update". I will include the link for the
Windows 98 Microsoft Libraries Update below. If you need it for another OS you
will have to search their site for it.

You might also just try copying the correct version of mfc42.dll to your
\SYSTEM or \SYSTEM32 directory and then reboot. The latest version of
mfc42.dll is 6.00.8267. If that doesn't work, you will most likely need to
update the entire libary since the other dll's may have gotten written over

As with anything else, make sure you have a good backup, emergency repair disk,
etc before making any changes.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes