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Glenda Wright
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Could someone please tell me what the following error means " Unhandled exception:c0000005 at address:100016b8
The error appeared after i was having problems with my computer. It wouldn't let me do anything with it i couldn't open a thing. It took me about 10 minutes to just reboot. I knew something was wrong so when i rebooted i decided to hit f5 and rebooted to the last time that there was no problem. Once i did this my system started and i was able to work on it again but showed my the error that i'm asking about. If someone could tell me what i should do or if there is anything to do about i would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: errors


The problem might result from a number of things. Is a file or program mentioned in your error message? What OS do you use? Do you have a lot of stuff in your startup?
Do you have sufficient system resources? Have you checked your harddrive, memory, processor? Did you install anything? When did the problem occure the first time? If you have installed anything, try deinstall ist and run the latest service packs for your OS.

The error message basically says, that there was an access violation when reading in your memory address 100016b8.

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Martin Doherty
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Re: errors

If you have installed Kazaa or anything similar (there are quite a few apps out there that cause this) then there could be some cheap and nasty spyware on your system. Goto: and download adaware as recommended by:
Jon Finley
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Re: errors

Are you using the DelFin Media Viewer?

If you are.... MS states that it can cause problems.;en-us;811270

This can also ba caused by reloading an older device driver. If your point in time recovery was prior to loading a Service Pack, I would reload the Service Pack again.

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