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hp quickplay problems

new hp customer
Occasional Contributor

hp quickplay problems

i have an out-of-the-box hp pavilion dv9267ea.

when using quickplay with the supplied tv card i encounter the following problems:

- live tv freezes then the application becomes unresponsive and crashes after about a minute.
- imposisble to turn off subtitles when watching tv.

Is there an alternative player i can use to watch tv with the supplied tv card (DVB-T TV tuner)? Windows media center doesnt work and ive tried several different products with no success.

This problem basically renders the tv card unusable.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Rich S
Honored Contributor

Re: hp quickplay problems

A lot of problems with Quiclplay:


See other posts...


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new hp customer
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Re: hp quickplay problems

thanks for the response....

i searched the forums before posting, and there does indeed seem to be alot of Quickplay related problems.

I considered the ability to play live tv a key feature when purchasing my HP.

Since posting i have (disappointedly) returned my HP to the retailer for a full refund. The retailer (PC World - UK) also considers Quickplay to be faulty and issued a full refund with no argument.

thanks again,
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Re: hp quickplay problems


im trying to go on Cartoon Network in the quickplay on TVU (internet TV)and what it does it starts connecting but then it says Stopped...What should i do?????