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Can't access via FTP

Carlos Munoz Lopez
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Can't access via FTP

Hi guys. I'm having a problem connecting to a server via FTP. It says:

220 peluche FTP server (Version Wed Sep 4 05:59:34 GMT 2002) ready.
Name (peluche:root):
530 User root access denied....
Login failed.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

FTP service is working fine. There are like 70 users already connected to the server using ftp (I can see it using ps -ef|grep ftp). I guess they are retrieving some files. But, when I try to connect using another login, or inclusive with root account, it displays the message above. I checked the /etc/shells, and it's fine, the shell for root is included in the file. I would like some help on this issue. Thanks
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Re: Can't access via FTP

I am afraid you posted in the Vms forums ?

May be you would have more chance in the HP-ux, or Linux forums ?


Ian Miller.
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Re: Can't access via FTP

sometimes root is setup not to allow remote access (so I'm told by people who do unix). However you are better off asking in another place.
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Martin P.J. Zinser
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Re: Can't access via FTP

Hello Carlos,

given the FTP server used this indeed does smell like a HP-UX question, so you might be better off asking in their forum at


You might want to check hosts.allow and hosts.deny to see if ftp has been blocked for root.

Greetins, Martin