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Disk Errors

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Robert D Cole
Occasional Contributor

Disk Errors

How to I look at the errors on a particular disk?
Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Errors

Hi Robert,

welcome to the itrc openVMS forum!

Please give us some important information to let us help you -

what hardware are you using Vax/Alpha/Integrity ?

what version of VMS are you running?

Robert D Cole
Occasional Contributor

Re: Disk Errors

We are using ALPHAs and version is 7.3
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Errors

The four tools involved here (depending on the particular I/O path and OpenVMS versions are:

The add-on tools:



These tools are available here:

And the integrated error-related tools:

ANALYZE/ERROR (older versions)

ANALYZE/ERROR/ELV (V7.3-2 and later)

Unfortunately, this area can be somewhat a mixed bag, and you can end up needing two or more of these tools installed, depending on the particular devices and errors involved.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC


FWIW: If I had a hard disk that was showing errors, I'd be getting the data off the disk and getting set to swap it for a spare. Modern disks tend to have failure modes that make it likely that disks reporting errors are approaching full failure.

It is also my experience that the time and effort and I/O involved in reformatting a disk showing errors -- reformatting is an old solution, and one that hasn't really worked all that well starting with the RA8x series and later -- will probably be wasted.

The I/O involved in off-loading can (also) push the disk into full failure, as can the load of unloading and formatting and reloading.

Disks that are reporting errors should be assumed to be failing, and not really worth the effort to try to "repair".
atul sardana
Frequent Advisor

Re: Disk Errors

Hi Robert,

You can see by the command on the system

$> show device
For example:
$> show device $1$DGA1123:

or simply you can see on all system devices errors by command

$> show error

Please check I hope you got very simple answer.
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