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Error printing

I am receiving the following error
-JBC-E-NOCMKRNL,operation requires CMKRNL privilege, however the user does have the CMKRNL as an authorized privilege.

OpenVMS System Version 7.1-2
Craig A
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Re: Error printing

Has the user actually enabled the privilege? I suspect not. (using $ SET PROC/PRIV=CMKRNL)

Ask them to do a $SHOW PROC/PRIV and post the results.

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Re: Error printing

Please consider posting the full error vector contents, and the identity of the image involved or the PRINT? command that was used here. (The - indicates a secondary or subsequent message, and % the primary.)

Details on any custom or non-default print symbiont that might be in use could be useful, too. SHOW QUEUE /FULL for the queue.

I have seen something similar with an incorrectly-configured cluster (either multiple or misconfigured SYSUAF files), with the specification of /USER. There are also a few similar bugs, and this OpenVMS release is back far enough that the box could be missing an ECO kit.

There's also a reasonable chance that what you're posting is the result of a stack corruption or other error of some sort, too; that the NOCMKRNL error could be bogus. But that depends on the image and the details of the error.

Re: Error printing

enabling the privilege solved the issue.