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HP Printer 2015

steven C_2
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HP Printer 2015

I need to have a separtion page between each print job and the separation paper must pull from the second tray (different color paper).
Steven Schweda
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Re: HP Printer 2015

Does this have something to do with VMS, or
are you asking in a wrong forum?

In any case, more information about how you
run a print job would probably be helpful.
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Re: HP Printer 2015

Welcome to the ITRC forums.

Information on device control libraries (a feature of OpenVMS and its print symbiont mechanism) are available from various sources, including:

You would need to create device control modules -- the above section describes setting up landscape printing and related modules, but the basic implementation scheme is similar for your task -- to use a device control library to select the appropriate tray. You'd need to look up the specific PCL sequence used for switching the trays, and create a couple of modules in a device control library.

If you're using DECprint Services (DCPS) to drive the printer from your OpenVMS system, there's the DCPS$queuename_SEPARATOR_TRAY logical name. (Given the LaserJet 2015 has Postscript emulation, DCPS is a good choice here.)

Given the choice of these approaches, I'd recommend DCPS here. Both will work fine with most any version of OpenVMS, however.

If this isn't OpenVMS system that's driving this particular LaserJet printer, you're asking in an ITRC forum that might not have the best audience for your question. (Folks in this forum know OpenVMS and OpenVMS printing...) There's an ITRC forum specifically for printing and imaging questions available here:


Stephen Hoffman
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Paul Anderson_7
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Re: HP Printer 2015

If you are using DCPS to print, define this logical name:

_$ DCPS$queue-name_SEPARATOR_TRAY n

where 'n' is the PostScript number for the tray. HP printers usually use numbers 3, 0 and 1 for trays 1, 2 and 3.

See the DCPS System Manager's Guide for more information.

Hakan Zanderau ( Anders
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Re: HP Printer 2015

To be able to help we need to know what symbiont is running the queue.

Don't make it worse by guessing.........
steven C_2
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Re: HP Printer 2015

Folks, I really appreciate your responses! This gives me a place to start.