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ImageMagick installation...

Kevin Hardy
Occasional Advisor

ImageMagick installation...


I've been trying to get ImageMagick installed and operational on an OpenVMS IA64 system but between all of the dependencies, broken links, sketchy instructions and other issues I haven't had much luck. From what I can gather it looks like I'll need to install, configure, compile and debug around a dozen other packages (MMK, PNG, JPEG, LIBTIFF, Zlib, GhostScript, Bzip2, etc., ) before I can worry about ImageMagick working. Does anyone have ImageMagick running successfully on Integrity? If so, are there any accessible web locations that include the zipped IA64 binaries, or at the very least "everything" necessary for a successful build?

Honored Contributor

Re: ImageMagick installation...

Here's an old port that might provide a starting point:


There's undoubtedly some reason here for trying to do this with VMS; to avoid using one of the various platform around that are each better suited for working with ImageMagick than is VMS.