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Mixed integer optimization solver fpr VMS on IA64

Michael Menge
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Mixed integer optimization solver fpr VMS on IA64

We are looking for a new mixed integer optimization solver running on VMS/IA64 to replace our self written optimizer with a more powerfull software.
There are no Cplex or Gurobi versions for our machines and the performance of some open source solvers seems to be not good enough for our application (see http://scip.zib.de/).
Alternativly we want to port our fortran software to linux. For we use some VMS Runtime Library functions like CVT$, STR$ or LIB$, is there a fortran compiler or library on linux supporting these functions?
Honored Contributor

Re: Mixed integer optimization solver fpr VMS on IA64

I am not aware of constant integer application or linear equations code available for OpenVMS (some may well be around, of course), nor am I aware of anything which implements the OpenVMS RTL functions on Unix boxes.

It will be assumed that you are familiar with the math libraries in OpenVMS I64, and that these are insufficient for your requirements here. You'll want to look at the DSPP application catalog for commercial products that might be of interest on OpenVMS.


I'd not expect to find all that much in this area, as most HPTC moved off of OpenVMS a decade or more ago.

As for porting off of OpenVMS, there are translation services around, and folks which may be able to port in the constant integer code, or folks that have tools and techniques for translating OpenVMS RTL and system service calls into platform-native calls. But there are no versions of these APIs on Unix and Linux; this port would (as is typical) involve implementing native translations for these and other APIs, or implementing the particular parts of the frequently-used APIs locally.

Most Fortran code ports relatively easily over to gfortran or Intel Fortran; the add-on and site-specific file system references and APIs including those you've flagged are among the usual sticking points.


Platform emulation would not be a particularly effective solution here given your likely performance requirements.

Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: Mixed integer optimization solver fpr VMS on IA64


First, the automatic URL creator included the ")." in the original post as part of the URL. This gives an error (the URL with the ")." removed appears to work correctly.

Second, there are some other possibilities beyond porting to Linux. It is also possible that the Open Source code may be suffering from gratuitous errata.

With any such conversion, I would counsel caution and careful investigation.

- Bob Gezeltr, http://www.rlgsc.com