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Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.

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Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.

I am an absolute newbie as far as OpenVMS is concerned.
I have a OpenVMS IA64 V8.3 on a HP rx2620.This is a new machine sent out by our another office.

I have booted this system but I dont know the username & password for this.From some of the threads I referred I came to know that username could be SYSTEM,but how can I reset it's password.I came to know from the threads that there is no sigle user mode in OpenVMS.

Please Guide me to reset the password so that I can get into the system.

Thanks In Advance

Robert Gezelter
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Re: Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.


Welcome to the HP ITRC OpenVMS Forum.

The physical procedure for gaining access to a system whose password has been lost is documented in the OpenVMS FAQ and effectively documented in the System Manager's manual (which is available from the OpenVMS www site at http://www.hp.com/go/openvms).

As an admitted newbie, I strongly recommend an easier and far safer course of action: Contact the office that sent you the system and get the username and password information from them.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Jan van den Ende
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Re: Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.


Let me begin with welcoming you to VMS!!!

Obviously, your prefered route would by to request from the original office what is the password for SYSTEM (or the name and password of any other privileged account).

Barring that, there is something remotely equivalent to *UX single mode:
booting into SYSBOOT.

Regrettably, I have virtually no experience with IA64, so you will need to check your documentation or wait for someone else to get there, but once you boot into SYSBOOT, (only possible AT THE CSYSTEM CONSOLE) the booting stops before loading system parameters at the
Here you specify
(for continue)
Now the system continues booting, and (only at the console) twice is the password.
Deassing the SYSUAF logical name )which currently point to the alternate authorisation file) and set or change password(s).
Reboot, and she is yours.



Have one on me.

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The Brit
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Re: Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.

Hi Malps,
You could try the approach given above, however if that doesn't work try this.

First you need to get to the SYSBOOT prompt.

from the Boot Manager Screen, select the EFI Shell, and then navigate to the fs device which represents your boot disk. e.g.

Shell> fs1:


now execute the following command;

fsn:\efi\vms\vms_loader.efi -flags 0,1

(the "-flags 0,1" should get you to the SYSBOOT prompt)

Now enter

SYSBOOT> set /startup OPA0:

(the colon on OPA0: is important so dont leave it off)

SYSBOOT> continue

The system should now boot, however when it gets to the point where it would normally execute the "startup.com" file, it will stop and accept input from the console terminal.

Note:: you are now logged in, and should see the "$" prompt, note that your default directory at this point is [sys0.sysexe]. Before proceeding with anything, enter the SPAWN command (even go a couple of levels if you want).

The reason for this is that at this level, any error, or typo, will log you out and you will be back at square one. So,

%DCL-S-SPAWNED, process SYSTEM_xx spawned
%DCL-S-SPAWNED, process SYSTEM_yy spawned
$ @[sys0.syscommon.sysexe]startup

The system will now do its normal startup and exit on completion. (this will take you back up one level, however you will still be logged in as SYSTEM)

If the startup was ok, you should now be able to set your default to sys$system, and run the AUTHORIZE utility to reset the SYSTEM password. If you have DECNet running at this point, you can test the new password by doing a "set host 0" and login to the new session.

You should then log out of the spawned sessions and do a reboot of the system


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Re: Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.

Graham Burley
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Re: Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.

> This is a new machine sent out by our another office.

Contact your other office and ask them?

Re: Need to know Password for OpenVMS System.

Hi All

I am overwhelmed by all of your responses & yes I have reset the password from the inputs you all have given.

It's a Wonderful experience to have you all there to help.


Malps :-)