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Oracle RDB JDBC server

Francesco Gennai
Occasional Contributor

Oracle RDB JDBC server


IA64 OpenVMS 8.3
Java RTE version 1.5
Oracle RDB version 7.2-2
SQL/services version 7.3
JDBC server for RDB version 7.3
JDBC-Thin driver version 7.3

The problem:

we have a JDBC dispatcher with 20 executor processes.
We have a client application that performs connect/disconnect to the database before/after each sql select statement.

Sometimes the JDBC executor processes disappear without any log (or maybe the log is somewhere and I don't know where to find it :-).

I would like to have ANY suggestion to try to monitor and solve this problem (suggestions that I'm requesting for include also OpenVMS basic suggestions to monitor a process and discover why it crashes, but of course I'm interested also in any suggestion related to an environment with Oracle/JDBC on IA64-OpenVMS ).

Thank you
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle RDB JDBC server

Accounting can tell you the final exit status of the process.

shows PROCESS or DETACHED then
should show you the termination record for the process.

Using Availability Manager and looking at the process quotas may be informative.
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Re: Oracle RDB JDBC server


You can find the logs in RDB$JDBC_LOGS: directory.


You can also set a tracelevel when starting the starting the exceutors using: -tl -1.

See: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/rdb/rdbjdbc-faq-087113.html

Francesco Gennai
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle RDB JDBC server


thank you for your suggestions I have been able to trace the JDBC activity.
Not sure that this is problem that I'm searching for, but surely it is a problem:

I get the following error:

>> RDB$CLIENT_ID_0000038D C00000000*T 201010-21 12:19:13.409 : srv.DBActionHandler@1414306.FlushErr msg : INIT_V713 send>>>>>>>>>>>>> System Error : Insufficient global memory

any help?
Francesco Gennai
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle RDB JDBC server

I have opened a new thread about the same problem.