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Pathworks 32 client installation

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Pathworks 32 client installation

The setup.exe can accept a number of switches one being /AUTOSETUP=path\file

i.e /AUTOSETUP=c:\temp\pwsetup.txt

what is the syntax structure for contents of c:\temp\pwsetup.txt (which is a text file) to pre-determine install options. We want to be able to script the installation of Pathworks 32 on Windows Server 2003 from the command line.
John Gillings
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Re: Pathworks 32 client installation


Why do you think you need a pathworks client at all? This is kind of like asking how to install an acetyline generator on your 2007 motor car in order to run your headlights.

The client was required if you wanted to use DECnet or LAT as a transport (these days it's MUCH easier to use TCPIP instead), or if you want client based licenses (which were always a headache - these days it's simpler and cheaper to use server based licensing - that's even if you can purchase client based licenses anymore, my guess is if you called up HP to buy some you'd get a lot of blank stares and a flat denial that the product ever even existed).

Pathworks development ended more than a decade ago. It was replaced by AdvancedServer, for which I don't believe a "client kit" ever existed, as it was unnecessary. AdvancedServer itself is now obsolete, replaced by the open standard Samba port.

Please let us know what doesn't work without the client installed. We can deal with solving those problems.
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Dave Gudewicz
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Re: Pathworks 32 client installation

Apart from DECnet and LAT, there were/are a few goodies on the PWRK client CD: PowerTerm (a very capable terminal emulator) and eXcursion (ditto X server).

I believe the last version of the CD was labeled v7.4.