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System error 67 - Samba

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Jorge Cocomess
Super Advisor

System error 67 - Samba


I receiced this "system error 67 has accurred. The network name cannot be found", While trying to use the "net use" command at the DOS level on my Windows 2000 server. The samba host is running on OpenVMS 8.3 ia64 server. Other than that, I can go to Start, run window and access the Samba drive from there. The command that I was tryinh to use is "net use \\myserver\share_folder user_password /user:user_name

Does anyone know how to get this to work??

Thank you in advance.

Paul Beaudoin
Regular Advisor

Re: System error 67 - Samba


I'm not sure of this will help, but here goes: I installed ER2 on AXP 8.2 (I couldn't get ER3 to work) and in all cases (ER1, ER2) could not map a disk to samba. I could however follow the 'network places' proccess and following the icons down from 'microsoft network' I located and accesed the VMS samba server. It does not show as a network drive but other than that, appears to operate as one. This all under Windows XP. The only other suggestion is to check the documentation at the SAMBA.ORG site and search for 'error 67' - that might point you in the right direction.

Good Luck