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T4 and memory pool metrics

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Thomas Ritter
Respected Contributor

T4 and memory pool metrics

Unless I am mistaken, T4 is not collecting pool metrics. Is anyone aware of the existence of T4 data collectors which collect on
Nonpaged Dynamic Memory
Paged Dynamic Memory
Lock Manager Dyn Memory to name a few ?

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: T4 and memory pool metrics


I'm not aware of any off the shelf. It's fairly easy to roll your own. Write a T4 header, then a loop around:

$ write sys$output f$time(),",",f$getsyi("NPAGED_FREE"),",",f$getsyi("PAGED_FREE")

add any other stats you're interested in.

Alternatively, pipe the output of SHOW MEM/POOL into a procedure to parse it into a CSV line

Example attached, cursory testing, I'm sure you'll get the idea. (based on RTR monitoring code we run)
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