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CTM Installation


CTM Installation

I am new to Open VMS. I want to install CTM tool on a single node cluster. It will be of great help if someone points me to the CTM installation guide or the steps for it.

As I understand I need to set the value of VAXcluster=2 and NISCS_LOAD=1 before starting the installation of CTM. Please suggest me on that.
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Re: CTM Installation


you have not yet answered the queries raised by the responders to your other thread:-


Is this the HP Cluster Test Manager package? If you are new to OpenVMS, then this would seem a strange package to be installing!

Please look at the answers in your original thread.

Re: CTM Installation

Thanks. But I need to do the installation of the CTM, probably I need to be a little hands on Open VMS.

Please suggest me the way to go ahead for it.
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Re: CTM Installation

It appears that you are working inside HP, as the CTM tool is not available outside of HP. The folks here in ITRC are (mostly) HP customers and HP partners, and most of us are not in a position to assist folks inside HP with HP internal tools. Few folks here have any experience with CTM, for instance.

If you have direct access to the HP internal network, please contact your manager or your supervisor and inquire as to how you can and should best improve your OpenVMS and your OpenVMS system management and clustering skills, and for formal assistance in determining how to best install and configure and operate the HP-internal CTM tool and an OpenVMS cluster, and for information on the internal support and escalation resources available to folks working inside HP.

There is rather more to configuring a cluster than setting the two specified system parameters (eg: VAXcluster and NISCS_LOAD_PEA0). Configuring and booting a cluster is covered in the cluster manual in the OpenVMS documentation set. http://www.hp.com/go/openvms/hp
This process usually starts with CLUSTER_CONFIG tool, as described in the documentation.


This thread started in the following thread:



Re: CTM Installation

Thanks for all your response. I was able to set the parameters which I wanted to. Now I am stuck at another point.

I have a USB flash drive which is hooked up to the server in which I have some files that need to be copied to the server. So now the question is how do I mount the USB and copy the files to local directory.

Did "show device/full" and found that the device name for USB is "HP$DNA2".

Please suggest me how do I mount and copy the files?


Re: CTM Installation

I tried the below 2 commands

$ allocate DNA2
%DCL-I-ALLOC, _HP$DNA2: allocated
$ mount/ov=id DNA2
%MOUNT-F-NOHOMEBLK, Files-11 home block not found on volume
-MOUNT-I-VOLIDENT, label = '............', owner = '............', format = '...

> allocate did work fine
> mount is throwing some messages. don't know what it is? Can you guys please suggest what am i doing wrong? How to proceed?

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Re: CTM Installation

I'd be happy to wander over and provide some training on OpenVMS. Seems like there's a need for it here.

The disk involved does not have a valid ODS-2 or ODS-5 volume structure; it's probably a Microsoft FAT flash disk.

OpenVMS (by default) doesn't read FAT-format disk volumes, though there are technically ways to access FAT using freeware or such. (That path is rather more than I want to explain here in this little text box, too.)

Get the box booted, and transfer the files via FTP or sftp or such; via the network.

And talk with your manager or supervisor.
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Re: CTM Installation

Can you guys please suggest what am i doing wrong? How to proceed?


The first thing you're doing wrong as an HP employee is looking for help in a customer-facing forum, when you should be using the extensive resources available to you within the company.

If you don't know how to find that help internally, send me mail at rab (at) hp dot com
and I'll get you pointed in the correct direction.

-- Rob

Re: CTM Installation

Rob , To clarify here I am not an HP employee, I am looking into the CTM as a customer of HP. I work for Qlogic.

I have an open VMS system which I installed few days before and need to install CTM on top of that.

The first thing which I want to know here is is there any pre requisites for CTM to get installed in open VMS server. I am using the Itanium machine.
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Re: CTM Installation

I know nothing about CTM, but you have done
very little to change that. Most VMS product
kits come with installation instructions. I
see no description here of what you have to
work with. Do you have some kind of CTM
product kit? Perhaps if you provided a
little bit of useful information, even
someone who knows nothing could provide a
little help. With no useful info, it's
tough to do much.

> I am using the Itanium machine.

Perhaps the VMS version is not important, but
saying what it is might make you look as if
you know something.

> [...] I have some files [...]

Interesting, but, by itself, not very