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Vms cluster 配置过程

Frequent Advisor

Vms cluster 配置过程

$ @cluster_config

                   Cluster Configuration Procedure
                    Executing on an Alpha System

    DECnet-Plus is installed on this node.

        This procedure has detected that the LANACP
        LAN server process is running on this node.

        LANACP is the most efficient way to provide down line load
        service to satellites and it is strongly recommended that
        LANACP be used instead of DECnet.

        Answer YES to the following question if you want
 to use LANACP for down line loading satellites.

Do you want LANACP instead of DECnet for cluster boot serving? [YES]

                   Cluster Configuration Procedure
                    Executing on an Alpha System

    DECnet-Plus is installed on this node.

    The LAN, not DECnet, will be used for MOP downline loading.

        To ensure that this procedure is executing with the required
        privileges, invoke it from the system manager's account.

        Enter a "?" for help at any prompt.  If you are familiar with
        the execution of this procedure, you may want to mute extra notes
        and explanations by invoking it with "@CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN BRIEF".

    This Alpha node is not currently a cluster member.


   1. ADD HPDS10 to existing cluster, or form a new cluster.
   2. MAKE a directory structure for a new root on a system disk.
   3. DELETE a root from a system disk.
   4. EXIT from this procedure.

Enter choice [1]:

        streamUid  9F50D60E-4716-11D6-83B8-AA0004000104

Enter choice [1]:

Is the node to be a clustered node with a shared SCSI or FIBRE-CHANNEL bus (Y/N)
? n

What is the node's SCS node name? hpds10

    DECnet is running on this node. Even though you are configuring a LAN-
    based cluster, the DECnet database will provide some information and
    may be updated.

Do you want to define a DECnet synonym [Y]?
What is the synonym name for this node []?
What is the MOP service client name for this node [HPDS10]?
Will the LAN be used for cluster communications (Y/N)? y

Enter this cluster's group number: 10

Enter this cluster's password:

Message from user SYSTEM on HPDS10
LANACP LAN Services               
Enabled LAN device EWB0 for MOP downline load service in non-exclusive mode

    Note: The LANACP LAN server process will be used by HPDS10 for boot
          serving satellites. The following LAN devices have been found:
    Verifying LAN adapters in LANACP database...

    ======== ============ ==============
    Ethernet EWA0  ENABLED
    Ethernet EWB0  ENABLED

Enter a value for HPDS10's ALLOCLASS parameter [0]:

Does this cluster contain a quorum disk [N]?

Does this cluster contain a quorum disk [N]?

  WARNING: HPDS10 will be a voting cluster member. EXPECTED_VOTES for
           this and every other cluster member should be adjusted at
           a convenient time before a reboot. For complete instructions,
           check the section on configuring a cluster in the "OpenVMS
    Cluster Systems" manual.

    Execute AUTOGEN to compute the SYSGEN parameters for your configuration
    and reboot HPDS10 with the new parameters. This is necessary before
    HPDS10 can become a cluster member.

Do you want to run AUTOGEN now [Y]?

    Running AUTOGEN -- Please wait.