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availability manager on newer window OS

Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

availability manager on newer window OS

Has anyone had luck installing availability manager on newer versions of windows (i.e. windows 8r1)?  I know I can use the "avail/avail" to get a java feed right from the VMS host, but the X going over the VPN is terribly slow compared to remote desktop into a windows host.


Currently we are using it on an older windows host and are looking at trying to migrate to a newer VM configuration with newer windows OS level.

Honored Contributor

Re: availability manager on newer window OS

The 64-bit Windows client and support for newer Windows versions for the Availability Manager client is on the VSI roadmap (page 3), and not on that of HP. 


While VSI has announced V8.4-1H1, AFAICT the release notes and the new features manuals and related documentation and an updated roadmap have not been posted.