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change device name

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Frequent Advisor

change device name

i have a system loaded with open vms 7.3-2. when i do a sh dev d, i see a section as device name with the hard disk name under it.

i want to change the device name shown here to some other name.

please advise how to do this

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: change device name


More information required. What is the device name shown, and what do you want to change it to.

Depending on the type of device, and how it is connected to the system, you may not be able to change it, or you may need to mess with hardware.

Chances are you can deal with whatever problem you have by defining a logical name. Something like:


in your SYLOGICALS.COM procedure.

The oldname must be the physical device name, and the trailing colon is required.

The translation attributes CONCEALED and TERMINAL mean that the new logical name will "stick", so that output of (say) DIRECTORY will show the new name. However, SHOW DEVICE will still show the "real" device name.
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Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: change device name

> [...] when i do a sh dev d, i see [...]

And if my psychic powers were not so weak,
then _I_ might be able to see it, too. Or,
you could help me out, and paste the text
here, and then we all could see it

> i want to change the device name shown here
> to some other name.

What do you see, and to what would you like
to change it?


A disk device name in VMS is often tied to
physical characteristics, like which SCSI
adapter it's connected to, and what its SCSI
ID is. It may not be possible to make some
arbitrary change to such a device name.

On the other hand, it may be easy to define a
logical name, such that someone looking for
"device_a" would be redirected to "device_b".

ALP $ define fred ALP$DKA100:
ALP $ show device /full fred

Disk ALP$DKA100:, device type SEAGATE ST318453LC, is online, mounted, file-
oriented device, shareable, served to cluster via MSCP Server, error logging
is enabled.
Frequent Advisor

Re: change device name

thank you mr john.i manage to get the problem fixed. thanks once again
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: change device name

> [...] i manage to get the problem fixed.
> [...]

It might help some future reader if you
explained the solution (better than you
explained the problem).
Frequent Advisor

Re: change device name

Mr steve, i just typed the following


with its parameters and changed the device name. i am trying to see why the shadowing is not working.

hope this answered your question


Valued Contributor

Re: change device name

I'll bite; how will a logical re-definition help you with shadowing?
Steve Reece_3
Trusted Contributor

Re: change device name

Hi Adarsh,

It might help to describe the underlying problem (i.e. the one with the shadowing) rather than attacking bits of the issue.

What device are you looking to shadow (it needs to be a disk, obviously, but is it the system disk or is it a data disk?)
Is this an existing system where shadowing has stopped working or is it a system that you are setting up now?

For shadowing to work, you have to use a non-zero allocation class on the host (SYSGEN parameter ALLOCLASS)

If it's the system disk that you are trying to shadow then you need to ensure that the members of the shadowset have different unit numbers (logical names won't help here - they need to be different unit numbers.)

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: change device name

and one addition to the above list, (although I'm sure there are many others)

If you are shadowing within a cluster, the all of the member units must be visible to all nodes who are mounting the shadow volume.