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decnet phase IV issue with set host

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Edgar Ulloa
Frequent Advisor

decnet phase IV issue with set host


I have a 2 nodes ovms 8.3 integrity in 2 diferent networks.

yesterday change a cisco switch 6500, this working in layer 3.

When try conect via I64VMS DECNET_PHASE_IV V8.3 is not successfull.

$set host walli
%SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE, remote node is not currently reachable

but via telnet,ftp,ssh no problem.

my routing table is fine.

Some one know if is necesary a patch o configuration in my decnet?

also for snap (availability manager) dont work.

any help?
Honored Contributor

Re: decnet phase IV issue with set host

telnet, ftp and ssh are based on IP.

DECnet Phase IV is not based on IP.

Cisco switches are very fond of IP, and less fond of other protocols, and Cisco support folks can have similar proclivities. It is quite possible to encounter network engineers that have no experience with non-IP protocols, for that matter.

Your Cisco support folks will want to and need to review the switch configuration, as is typical of these cases.

Chances are, the Cisco folks will need to open a VLAN for transmission of Ethernet traffic involving Ethernet protocols other than IP ("bridging" or whatever Cisco calls it), or to configure and enable DECnet routing within the switch, depending on the particular details of the network.

If your Cisco folks are unable or unwilling to open up connections for protocols other than IP, then you're left to migrate your OpenVMS boxes to DECnet-Plus and switch to DECnet over IP, or to migrate away from the DECnet protocols entirely.
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Re: decnet phase IV issue with set host

Not very sure, but clear the Decnet Cashe. then try..!

MC NCL flush session control naming cache entry "*"
Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: decnet phase IV issue with set host


Edgar is using DECNET Phase IV, and not DECNET_OSI. NCL commands are not appropriate here.

Edgar Ulloa
Frequent Advisor

Re: decnet phase IV issue with set host

I will be able to install decnet osi in test environment and check if it works.

Much apreciated for your time