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missing logical sys$node

Karen Lee_3
Frequent Advisor

missing logical sys$node

I upgraded my 7.3-1 Openvms Alpha server to 7.3-2 - I don't seems to have a logical sys$node or sys$node_fullname - where do those get define?
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: missing logical sys$node


SYS$NODE seems to be defined by NET$ACP, SYS$NODE_FULLNAME is being defined by NET$STARTUP.COM.

Please consider to re-run @NET$CONFIGURE and re-do menu item [2] Change naming information.

Make sure you enter a valid (local) namespace name (e.g. LOCAL:.nodename) - assuming you're using a local namespace.

Then reboot to check if SYS$NODE is now correctly defined.

Honored Contributor

Re: missing logical sys$node

DECnet defines these logical names. Automatically.

The fullname reference implies DECnet-Plus.

The lack of the logical name implies a problem with DECnet or the DECnet configuration, that DECnet is not started, or that DECnet is not installed.

Arguably, OpenVMS itself should have provided at least SYS$NODE, if DECnet was not configured and started.

There are a number of spots where you'll find different node names in OpenVMS -- I ended up with some logic that found whichever name was available, whether SYS$NODE, the IP logical names for >=5.0 and <5.0, SCSNODE, the DECnet and IP cluster aliases, and other spots. The list of spots where you can find the node name is over in the FAQ.

I'd thought I'd posted an example of the sequence, but apparently not.


And FWIW, there is a bug in DECwindows in this area that was fixed. (qv: Google thread)