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select() pain

Alex Chupahin
Super Advisor

select() pain

Hi guru,
To make my TCL/TK port
better, I wish to resolve
select() pain.
I've searched, but cant find more or less idea.
May be, anybody give me a couple ideas how to workaround it. Let brainstorm begin :)

Honored Contributor

Re: select() pain

select() on OpenVMS has traditionally not worked the way you want. It was and (as of what I've seen remains) IP-based only.

You end up using event flags (and event flag wait masks; EFWM), locks and lock resources, or ASTs or threading and semaphores or such.

Not having looked at what this select() is doing, I'd look to use either (gag) event flags or locks. My preference is for locks, given scaling issues I've encountered with the EFWMs.