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status of queues during system shutdown

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status of queues during system shutdown

I have 4 node cluster running OpenVMS 7.3-2 with a common system disk housed in the main server.

I have 4 batch queues I que manager and 3-4 execution queues per batch queu

so e.g batch1queu -> exec1_b1,exce2_b2,exec3_b3

batch2queue -> exec1_b2,exec2_b2,exec3_b2,exec4_b2

batch4queue ->

Note: I do not use sys$batch queue
Apart from this I also have the printer queue

Now my question is if I shut down the server what happens to the job while these queues are:

1) If the execution que is in the "executing state"

2) If the execution and/or batch(1,..4) que is in the "holding state"

3) If the execution execution and/or batch(1,..4) queue is in the "paused state"

Please let me know your thoughts on this...
Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: status of queues during system shutdown


the "first" question here, yoy did not ask:
What happens to the QUEUE MANAGER?
Answer: if it is running on the shutting down node, it fails over to another node, and simply resumes control. In general, things go on just smoothly (forget about the details for now, but some things might become interesting).
Now your questions:

1) The QUEUE is not in execution state, but job(s) IN the queue might be.

Those are aborted, and then take the specified RESTART action (default: job failed)

2) more of the same: the QUEUE is not "holding", JOBs can be.

Nothing changes, they remain holding.

3) They stay in their state. _UNLESS_ the execution queue is specified to only run on that node, then they become "stopped".

For completeness: PRINT queus just fail over, if correctly INITed.



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