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Anyone made use of 'psradm' to disable/enable CPUs?

Russ Park
Frequent Advisor

Anyone made use of 'psradm' to disable/enable CPUs?

I'm considering using the command known as

psradm (8)

psradm, offline, online - Stops and starts processors in a multiprocessor system

Has anyone had any problems using this in multi-user mode? I have a 4 CPU system, and I want to "turn off" a cpu for licensing reasons (Oracle, not HP) and found out about this command. Would its use be sufficient to "down" a cpu from oracle's use and would this be satisfactory to a "license auditor" if one were to come by from oracle?

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Anyone made use of 'psradm' to disable/enable CPUs?

I think this is an Oracle question. Ask them as to what is acceptable business practice.

I would hope that all they need to see is an effort to stick to the licensed set of CPUs.
But my _opinion_ does not count.

If they are sticklers about it, then only rebooting with cpu's disable in firmware would suffice (something like: P00>>>set cpu_enabled 1 ... P00>>>init )

In my opinion it would be even enough to just run oracle in a main pset (or rad-set) restricted to the licensed number of CPUs. This would then give you access to the extra cpu(s) be explicitly runing processes in an other pset mapped over those other cpus. In my opinion you could then even run oracle clients (sqlplus) in those extra cpus as I would like to think that the license is based on server cpus. But... my opinion does not count.

Hope this helps some,

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Anyone made use of 'psradm' to disable/enable CPUs?

to disable a cpu on a multicpu machine use the following console variables:

>>> show cpu_enabled (should come back f)
>>> set cpu_enabled 1 (bitmask of cpu)
>>> init

but using psradm is much better if oracle honors the usage of cpu-sets.

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Russ Park
Frequent Advisor

Re: Anyone made use of 'psradm' to disable/enable CPUs?

Thanks for both replies so far, I am pursuing an answer from oracle as well. I still would like to hear from someone who has actually done this with success....