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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Cheep Disaster Recovery Solution

Sivasingam Santhakumar
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Cheep Disaster Recovery Solution

Dear Admin,

I need to submit a cheep DR solution to our client. They have a Alpha 20DS server running Tur64 5.1 running Sybase ASE 12.5. I want the DR server to used as a testing server (before load any pathches to production system/upgrade to Tru64 5.1B). Any input?

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Re: Cheep Disaster Recovery Solution


Before loading any patches i would make a copy of vmunix ( cp vmunix and do the patch install or upgrade. if any problems occur, boot the machine from old ( krenel.

for Disaster recovery i would make backup copy of all file systems (/usr,/var etc) on tape and values of kernel paramters. If the system crashes, Load the OS, chnage the kernel values (/etc/sysconfigtab)and recover the data from tape.
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Re: Cheep Disaster Recovery Solution

Hi there,

DR is always the "big topic" and I'm not gonna to put too much here. the cheap DR solution also depends on the DR expectation, depends how fast your client wants to get box back and running in case of DR.

the things you may look into is

1. btcreat ( bootable tape backup )

2. vdump / vrestore.

these are standard tools you've already paid for OS.

Cheers !