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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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DU4.0e won't boot to multiuser mode

John Allen_2
Occasional Visitor

DU4.0e won't boot to multiuser mode

HI All:

My Alphastation running DUV4.0e can't seem to get past single-user mode. Very little info - simply says, Unknown error during boot, then it sits at single-user. An init 3 to try to get it beyond, results in same single-user status.

Any hints to break this log-jam?


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: DU4.0e won't boot to multiuser mode

I first would try to mount all file sytems:


Ensure that all file systems are mounted, specially /usr and /var. If a filesystem is not mounted, run the /sbin/advfs/verify command to check the integrity.

Then, I would go and start the service one by one, from the /sbin/rc3.d directory.
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Re: DU4.0e won't boot to multiuser mode


along with above solution you can
Check if disklabel is reabable for your boot disk.

link for usr is there in /etc/fdmns.

Check if swap is available otherwise add swap with swapon /dev/rzxb

hope this will help.


Re: DU4.0e won't boot to multiuser mode


You can try to boot the generic kernel.

boot -fi genvmunix