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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Fresh O/S install - two LSM questions


Fresh O/S install - two LSM questions

1. how can i 'use lsm' but NOT have the installer go out and use the old lsm configurations ? I've even tried to put the private slice in a different location, otther
then pulling the disks and dd zero's to them
in another system.

2. i have a LSM lic. once everything is installed can i change the logical configuration to RAID5 ?

Hope this is not the 'manual' .. I'll feel real bad :)

Manish PATHAK_2
Regular Advisor

Re: Fresh O/S install - two LSM questions

hi pete,

i am not sure but i think you can use the import option for previous lsm configuration.

for RAID5 i think this it should be defined earlier not later.

Markus Waldorf_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Fresh O/S install - two LSM questions


1) disklabel -z dskX
or disklabel -z /dev/disk/dskXc
followed by disklabel -rw to write a
standard disklabel should to the trick
disklabel -z should be the same as
initializing a disk.

there is also the scu utility to
peform a low level format.
scu> format defects dskX

You can open a Shell from the File pull-down menu of the installer

2) lsmsa or dxlsm are LSM gui's
nothing for the faint of heart though ;-)

Hope this helps. Good luck and best regards,

Re: Fresh O/S install - two LSM questions

it seems that after i do a scsi scan
lsm sees that the disks have a lsm
slices and take ownership of the disks,
hence the label can not be zeroed or

found a work around solution for now.

i use a linux system to write a lable
then do a -wr on the Tru64 server.


Markus Waldorf_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Fresh O/S install - two LSM questions

If lsm is locking the disk than its already part of your lsm configuration. You will have to remove the disk from the lsm configuration first, or zero the disklabel and creating a new one at the intial OS installation when booting form the CD. If you just remove a disk from LSM, lsm will complain that a disk has become missing and try to recover. There is plenty of info using google and searching for e.g. voldiskadm.

If this is a new fresh installation form CD you can use "custom disklabel" and erase the disklabel prior to installing by opening a shell from the installer pull-down menu and using the disklabel -z command. I have done that several times in the past.