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SCSI HBA driver error messages

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Alice Daniel
Frequent Advisor

SCSI HBA driver error messages

Does anyone know what the following SCSI errors mean? Also, where can I get information about decoding the ITPSA1 driver error messages?

Tru64 OS version 4.0f, Firmware rev 6.8-13, AlphaServer ES40, HBA is QLOGIC ISP1040B/V2 with firmware revision 5.57.

I am attached via SCSI extenders to a custom piece of hardware (target 2). I get the following messages and the SCSI bus resets:

ITPSA1: SCSI error for target 2 sist0=0x4
ccb_status = 0x6
ITPSA1: DIP Intr, istat=0x81, dstat-0x90
ITPSA1" SCSI bus was reset.

I have the latest patches installed from following patch kits.
- DUV40FB18-C0067302-14158-ES-20020429 OSF440
- DUV40FB18AS0007-20020102 OSF440
- DUV40FB22AS0008-20030730 OSF440

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI HBA driver error messages


what kind of hardware is it? Is it on the supported list?


Alice Daniel
Frequent Advisor

Re: SCSI HBA driver error messages

Neff data acquisition hardware with a SCSI interface. The hardware is some distance from the alpha server, so we have SCSI extenders (APCON) between the server and Neff.
Alice Daniel
Frequent Advisor

Re: SCSI HBA driver error messages

Neff 600 data acquisition hardware
Joris Denayer
Respected Contributor

Re: SCSI HBA driver error messages


The sist0 register has the value 0x4, this means that there was an unexpected disconnect.
ccb_status 0x6 indicates Bus/Device problems.

So, there seems to be something shaky in the SCSI chain to the device with target 2.

Hope this helps
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