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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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cpu type problem


cpu type problem

i have a system that result the following information.
# psrinfo -v
Status of processor 0 as of: 08/19/04 11:53:51
Processor has been on-line since 08/10/2004 17:48:08
The alpha EV6.8CB (21264C) processor operates at 1250 MHz,
has a cache size of 16777216 bytes,
and has an alpha internal floating point processor
the processor speed is 1250.
L2 cache is 16MB.
but the processor is 21264C.

according to HP the above specifications is for a processor of type 21264D.

so what is the problem!!
Francesco Sarno
Frequent Advisor

Re: cpu type problem

Hi Ziad,
have you an alphaserver ES45?


Re: cpu type problem

yes i have an alpha ES45 system which is running Tru64unix ver 5.1B.
but according to HP this system can cotain one of two processor types: either
- alpha EV6.8(21264C)which has the following specification:1000 MHz,8 MB cache


- alpha EV6.8(21264D) which has the following specifications:1250MHZ,16MB.

my system contains
alpha EV6.8CB(21264C) and has the specifications:1250MHZ,16MB cache
Francesco Sarno
Frequent Advisor

Re: cpu type problem

i have an alphaserver es45 with 4 cpus and the model is EV6.8CB (21264C) 1250Mhz, but on the site in the specifications site the model is 21264D...I have a specification guide and the model 21264D is of EV6.8CX model of cpu and not of EV6.8CB!

I believe that the mystery is resolved!