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edauth -g missing entries

Ed Lim
Occasional Contributor

edauth -g missing entries

When running the edauth -g <userid>, the u_suclog and u_succhg are missing or not listed in the output.  does that mean the user has never successfully logged into the system or had their password changed since their account was created?


i am trying to gather a list of users who  logged into the system last and changed their password.





Martin Moore

Re: edauth -g missing entries

If a user has never logged in, they won't have entries for u_suclog or u_unsuclog.  But another possibility is that you're not logging login successes (and/or failures).  If d_skip_success_login_log is set in the authentication defaults database, u_suclog will never be updated; similarly, if d_skip_fail_login_log is set, u_unsuclog won't be updated.  Some people turn these updates off as a login performance improvement, especially in clusters or if the number of accounts is very large.


If there is no entry for u_succhg, it means that the user's password has not been changed since the account was created.


You can display the defaults database with 'edauth -g -dd default'.



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