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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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unable to mount filesystem


unable to mount filesystem


well, in my enviroment, yesterday i lost all the disks in my tru64 5.1A. So i checked with SAN guys and they detected a zoning problem, so it was corrected and i re-detected all the disks. OK. But now, for some disks i am unable to mount with the following message:

# mount /oracle
Error: partition(s) which overlap /dev/disk/dsk88h are marked in use
in the disklabel. Use "disklabel -e" to fix the disklabel if it
is improperly labeled.

runing advscan i got :

Domain Id 3ae4b079.0006dc52
Created Mon Apr 23 19:45:13 2001

Domain volumes 1
/etc/fdmns links 1

Actual partitions found:

Thanks in replies.

Re: unable to mount filesystem

more information:

# showfsets db01
Id : 3ae4b079.0006dc52.1.8001
Files : 0, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Blocks (512) : 0, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Quota Status : user=off group=off
Object Safety: off
Fragging : on
DMAPI : off

Re: unable to mount filesystem

The solution to my problem was to remove links and dirs in /etc/fdmns for those mnts with that message and try to rediscover with advscan. After that, i showed them again with showfsets and try to mount it. after mounting, i unmounted and renamed the dirname in /etc/fdmns and remount.

Thanks anyway.