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Optimize VMWare Workstation 7 on an ENVY17

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Optimize VMWare Workstation 7 on an ENVY17

I bought the ENVY to run VMWare workstation 7 more optimized. It was sluggish on my 1st gen i5 chip.

I power on the ENVYT and I notice that the 2 hard drives are in RAID 0. I had planned to run the OS and programs on 1 HD and have VHD's on the 2nd HD. Should I break the RAID 0 and install as planned for better vmware performance? or just use in the RAID 0 config?

How do I break the RAID 0 and would I have to re-install OS and all?

I also have a usb 3.0 external drive that I could utilize. Would that be slower or faster?

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Re: Optimize VMWare Workstation 7 on an ENVY17



your slowest performance will come from the USB external hard drive, even though it is a 3.0 version it does not operate at the same speed as the internal hard drive so I would use that as my last option.


I would personally break the RAID all together and use  your intial proposition. Have 1 HD to run all host os with programs and leave the second one for your VM. Having said that, I do not know if you want to mantain the RAID on your system.



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