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Change SCSI Id of array controller

Harneet Singh
Occasional Contributor

Change SCSI Id of array controller

I have 2 ML570 servers, which have compaq 431 smart array controller cards installed.
These cards are connected to a DELL powervault array.
I need to setup the cluster for which i need to change the scsi id of card on one of these servers.

I have tried all i could, but to no avail, just cant find the right spot from where to change this SCSI id.
Expert guidance is needed.
Thanks in advance, if you have any questions, please let me now.
Honored Contributor

Re: Change SCSI Id of array controller

What you are asking is not possible. The raid controller cards inside a server can not be used in a cluster. If the first SA431 is controlling the disks and has setup the raid LUNs in the powervault, how can the second 431 on the other server control the disks as well and see the same LUNs?
Harneet Singh
Occasional Contributor

Re: Change SCSI Id of array controller

thanks for the reply, but i m afraid this does not help.
I can see the disks from both the servers when one of them is switched off.
Only issue that comes is that when both of them are switched on the disk are not accesible any more.

this is cause scsi id of both the cards is same.

If you can tell me how to change the scsi id of the card, it would be gr8.

Thanks again
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Change SCSI Id of array controller


at the time, the SA431 was not designed with the idea of using it in a shared SCSI bus solution like Windows MSCS, as such there is no setting in the SmartArray controller firmware that allows you to change the SCSI ID to anything else then ID= 7.

I understand the config that you are willing to implement and HP Netservers used to have the HP Netraid controllers (OEM from LSI like Dell Perc that allowed this ID change in the BIOS) but with the SmartArray controller SA431 this feature is not included since they never targeted this controller for such a solution as there were other clustered solutions with SmartArrays available.

Nothing in its quickspec's that mentions clustering either :