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Client Server Ratio

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Client Server Ratio

2 questions .

I have a 3 year old ProLiant ML 530, Xeon processor, 1 GB ram and 60gb HDD

What would the client / workstation ratio be for this server.. 100 PC's ? 200 PC's ? if all on the same time. a ball park figure..

2nd Question

This server has a drive array, yet I was informed that if I want to add an extra drive of 20gb, that I would have to rebuild the server..

If I purchased a new ProLiant with 4 x 72Gb HDD's and server 2003 would I have to rebuild the server like with the old ProLiant if I wanted to put an extra 72gb drive into the array?

Nathan Gervais
Trusted Contributor

Re: Client Server Ratio

Does the server have an array controller? If your using 20Gig drives it sounds like that may be an IDE/ATA drive. And expanding ATA Raids is not supported.

As for your second question which i believe leads back to your first.
If the new server (or any server for that matter) has a Smart Array controller with the 4x72Gig drives and you wished to add another 72Gig, then you can expand the array and extend the logical drive under windows (provided it is a 5th or 6th generation controller) by using the Array Configuration Utility, and the disk management MMC in windows and would not require the server to be rebuilt, or even rebooted for that fact.