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DL580 G4 & G5

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DL580 G4 & G5

Hi we are running these 2 server with MS 2003 Enterprise Server (64 bit). We are disappointed with the performance, in that the it takes longer to load the application than a 32 bit virtual server. They also have the 64 bit hp drivers and management agents. Have we missed a trick here ?. They've been built from cd, have we missed something in the bios or somewhere else ??

Grateful for any assistance
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Re: DL580 G4 & G5


Several thoughts occur right off the bat:

1)What level is the FirmWare? Update it with the latest FirmWare CD which I think is 8.1. There are several issues with SAS hard drives that can be fixed by upgrading the FirmWare.

2)What size cache card is on the i400 controller, 256 or 512 or none? If possible, upgrade to largest module.

3)Is the BBWC (Battery Backed Write Cache) battery attached? If there is no battery attached, get one (you'll need the cable too), as this can speed up the system.

If none of these things help, give me your system configuration, amount of RAM, # and size of processors, etc.
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Re: DL580 G4 & G5

Thx for the the reply, as you asked a bit more information

Both servers are running MS 2003 Ent server

DL580 G4 p59 08/10/2007 8Gb Ram
2 x 3400 Dual Core
L1 16K L2 1mb L3 16Mb

Smartarray P400 Firmware 4.12 BBWC 512mb

2 x 146gb sas (10k) Firmware HPDC Raid 1+0

DL580 G5 p61 01/30/2008 32Gb Ram
4 x 2930 Quad Core
L1 32K L2 32mb L3 0

Smartarray P400 Firmware 4.12 BBWC 512mb
6 x 146gb sas (10k) Firmware HPD5 Raid ADG