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HP Remote Support (Call-Home) via ILO4

Occasional Advisor

HP Remote Support (Call-Home) via ILO4

Hi there,


I read about the "embedded remote support" feature in ILO4,


"Phone Home support that is built in to ILO"

"No SW to install"


How to configure this (I already know remote support standard and advanced) in ILO4?

Is it already available?


(I read about "HP Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 - Coming Soon")


So do I have to wait for a new Firmware?


Thank you!



Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Remote Support (Call-Home) via ILO4

In the meantime HP Remote Support NextGeneration 7.0.5 is out now.

I have installed it, configured and registered the ILO4 on that server.


A Test trap from ILO4 works.


But how can I test it? 

I have disconnected a power cord - got no email notification, no event in RS 7.0.5 was triggered, no hint anywhere!


Pleased for an answer!